The old man and the magpie

Yesterday evening, kids went to bed and I was working on the laptop for a while, when all of a sudden..
It was like 1991 all over again. No more internet. Our tv works on internet so no tv either.  Husband and I had a few options being

classic-4-3-broadcast-test-pattern-ntsc-pal-system-dk-1 The old man and the magpie





1 – going crazy, jump for a knife and stab at each other

2 -call the company and insult the living hell out of the poor callcenter help

3- live with it

It was the first hot day in like 10 months so we decided to enjoy our garden, which is full of life at the moment. Honestly, I’ve never seen so many and different birds since we live there.  We were reading a bit till we heard a strange noice. I remembered that noice from when I was a kid and we had one like that.  But thought it couldn’t be. Our dog crumbeled from fear and pushed itself under our chairs.  Minutes go by .. nothing. Than again <<pieff>>


Not a second later a magpie falls out of our tree, dead on the grass. It’s partner, they are monogamous, anxiously calling from the tree.

2140687 The old man and the magpie

I couldn’t believe it, my old neighbour just shot that beautiful and smart bird, who had every right to live, out of our tree!
I was disgusted, angry and sad. I went inside because, again, I was disgusted with the human kind.
What the fuck, why do humans (I often feel like I’m not the same species) think they are god and they need to be in control of  the eco system.  They think that they have the right to decide which animal is useful and which is outlawed.  Because, you know, man kind is soooo good at sustaining nature and it’s inhabitants. We know what’s best for it.

The old fart has pigeons. Pigeons who live in a loft, so normally their baby’s are protected. It’s not like he hasn’t got 1200215656 pigeons already who shaait up the neigbourhood.
But still, the magpie is his enemy.  Come to think of it, everything is his enemy. Our tree was too large, the rats come from our chickens (we never cought any, he has cought many.. because pigeons and chickens. Yet they seem to be OUR rats). My husband was boiling from anger. Yes. We have lost chicks to the magpie, or maybe crows or a rat.  Who knows. Yes that’s sad, we protect them as much as we can but it happens.  That’s nature.  They also feast on snails in our garden, which is good, not?  A while back a buzzard ate a bird in our back yard.  Should we go kill the buzzard because it’s awfull what they do?

I was sobbing and crying for the poor partner who now had to go on alone and probably had a nest to feed.  They wouldn’t survive either.  And than I hear my husband going of at the neighbour. In a behaved but angry matter.  We love nature, we ain’t going to stand for this and if it happens again we’ll inform authorities because these birds are protected (I think they aren’t but who cares). A little bit of justice for the magpie.
I couldn’t have been prouder and he deserved a little something for that. Well.. the TV didn’t work 😉 it’s not for nothing that babybooms happen after a black out, right.