A beard is a beard is a beard indeed


If you are the proud owner of a beard, I’m sure it looks good on you. You are probably the exception who manages to rock facial hair like no other and this post is not about you.


11085194_943038499081603_469404491_n A beard is a beard is a beard indeed

My husband

I guess it’s laziness and I get it, I hate shaving too. Let alone on a daily base.  But I just don’t like it my husband lets it grow. It gets till that funny size, you know that size. It’s the same with the hair on your head, if you want to grow it out, it comes to that awkward size and you really have to ignore it to be able to let it grow longer.  So, there is a certain moment when it’s not just the sexy 7 o’ clock shade anymore. It’s way past bedtime again.

And then he turns his head at me to give me a big kiss but all I see are two fat moisty lips, surrounded by rough, curly hair.I know underneath it is the same man I love and cherish. But in my mind, I see a big ol’ 70’s bushy porn pussy coming at my face. Which I wouldn’t like even if I were a horny, hardcore lesbian. I’ve never seen a bushy pussy in the flesh, they were all properly shaved.  But I imagine it’s something like that. I don’t even mind a bit of hair but there is something in that curly sturdy facial hair that puts me off. So, thank you honey, for taking it off or else I can’t take it off 😊



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