23 05 2017

What a news to wake up to. Again. I have two little girls.. I can only imagine what a waking nightmare parents and family, who’s kids got to the concert in Manchester, are living.  This is so cowardish, sick and low that I’m going back in misanthropy modus.
And it were such promising days, the weather is fine, vacation coming in a few weeks.. Those poor souls will never get to enjoy. RIP

The kids and we had a great weekend, we set it in tired because dad took mom to the soccer game of Anderlecht Thursday evening.  They played champion and since husband is a rather big fan, I tagged along.  Having a designated driver comes in handy from time to time. And I was persuaded by the thought of a party. There would be a DJ etc.

2017-05-18-21.28.37-768x1024 23 05 2017

Little did I know, but suspected, that the DJ would play the same old same old kind of soccerish, heroic, champion type of music that has been played since the days of yore.  But it was all good, they won. Husband happy, I was happy. You get sucked into the enthousiasm.  I do love soccer but I don’t get the idolizing.

I must say, I’ve never smelled so much brewy armpit sweat in years from all the bystanders.
After the game we went to a pub where they were aware of modern day music.
Mom and dad got to bed at 2.30. Needless to say I was tired throughout  friday and a piece of saterurday. And we had to attend the baby shower of my little nephew that day.

It was nice to see so many people from the past. We all got older, our kids have grown, some had greyer hair, some had thinning hair, some had more yellow teeth. And so on.  There was  bouncy castle for the kids and other toys (and candy) and I haven’t seen them all day!

I was talking to people and of course the no/stopped drinking came up, with one admitting to me he has a problem (a serious) but who am I to judge or convert.  I’m not a Jehova’s withness.  I do am a firm believer of achieving change in your life when you are ready for it.  And he didn’t seem ready for it, was to wasted anyway.  But maybe I planted a seed. Another one said he actually didn’t like beer that much and just taught himself to drink and now he drinks daily.  My uncle, who also (had to) give up drinking was there. Man what a transformation.  He looked better than he ever did.
That made me think of how I looked, the last time I drank. Which is also a metamorphosis. I’ll post a before and after when I hit the first birthday. It encouraged me. That saturday, it was my 280th day of being sober.
He looked so empowered, healthy and happy. Everybody was complimenting him.

And as the hours passed by and the beers went in, the talks went from entertaining to louder and wearisome.  So we went home with the promise that everybody was to attend a party in a village nearby later on.  Turning out to be just a few of us, which was a bummer for my husband because now he was the only guy in the group.

At that party I spotted my neighbour from my previous home, drunk/wasted.. Not very ladylike to be using an eufemism. On crutches. How that happened? I was afraid to ask because she was just too drunk.  Fakingly having ‘fun’ and wielding those bad boys above her head (and almost taking an eyeballs from innocent bystanders). My friend told me she and her husband are splitting up and she’s on a rampage.  I could see from miles away that she was lost. It looked so misserable, sad and piteous..  I hope she gets it together. My friend said she’s trying to win their mutual friends over to ‘her side’.  If that’s how? She’s going to attrackt the wrong persons.
Then she came sluring in to my ear… Look, I like to go out and enjoy a nice evening but when you are sober, it’s not that fun.  It’s not “not” fun because you can’t drink, no it’s not fun because you see people around you change, you don’t understand them anymore or it is just plain not interesting what they are about to say (for the 10th time), and this was the case with her.

It came to a point where I (and everybody) avoided eye contact with her, just to prevent having to talk.  And that’s sad because she was probably drinking to be able to talk easily to people, be more popular and to blend in.  Mission failed. Again, alcohol did the opposite of what it was suppose to do.

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