Alcohol culture on social media

Merely every other so what post on Facebook, I see people posing with alcohol, seemingly having fun and having the time of their lives.  Often just a photo of their drink.  Garanteed to have people liking it and wishing they could have that too.  By the amount off pictures of drinks, you’d think that my acquaintances are alcoholic beverages 🙂

Alcohol companies don’t need to have great marketing anymore, the users promote their product the best and in the way they always wanted it to have it promoted. With the idea that alcohol is harmless fun, a perfect reliever of stress, brings pure moments of enjoyment and a great way to bond with your friends and loved ones. With alcohol, it’s always a celebration!

What made me sad was a video I saw today on Facebook. Meant to be funny. A toddler refusing food and it’s bottle. Until dad gives him a glass of wine. The kid clears up and starts laughing! Until dad takes it away and the kid starts crying.
Haha, that’s funny! Hillarious! Genious! All for the greater good of a daily laugh from people who can relate to the kid and would like a glass of wine. That toddler knows where the fun is.

sad-evolution Alcohol culture on social media

As a recovering alcoholic and finally seeing what alcohol really is (raging havoc in health and society).. I find these things.. a hard drug as a joke.. distrubing. Minimising a class A drug as joke and getting our kids accustomed to it.. Maybe we can do that scene over again with a syringe of heroin? Or a sigarette? Would it be funny than?

Well, it isn’t. Feelings on alcohol are fake, it’s carcinogenic, its an unhealthy escape from reality and it doesn’t contribute to life. So please, keep it away from kids and stop normalising drugs use to them.

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